Friday, September 3, 2010

Trying Out Fall Outfits: Part II

After yesterday's disastrous Fall outfits dress rehearsal, it is surprising that I was driven to do another Fall outfits dress rehearsal this evening.  While one might think that it was panic that was driving me, in fact, it was my love of Fall clothing that drove me to have another go at putting together Fall outfits.

It was a little bit easier today than it was yesterday to come up with Fall outfits.  I won't say that everything that I tried on worked out, but, unlike yesterday, it wasn't one disaster after another.  At the end of the dress rehearsal, I counted three outfits that I would be happy to wear.  Adding these three outfits to the others that I have already put together, I think I have about half a dozen outfits ready to go.

Now it might seem bizarre (or, perhaps, neurotic) that I am planning out Fall outfits to the extent that I am, but what I am doing is not so much planning out Fall outfits as "playing dress up" with "new" Fall clothes.  I may, or I may not, end up wearing the outfits that I created while "playing dress up", but "playing dress up" gives me some idea as to how I might be dressing come Fall, mostly "theme-wise".

So far, it looks like I will be continuing with Western Geek Chic and School Girl Chic.  Neither is particularly surprising, given what the actual Fall trends are (remember Dear Creatures and some of the other designer inspiration that I have posted about) and my past proclivities.  In some ways, I feel as if how I might be dressing this Fall is an amalgam of how I dressed last Fall/Winter and how I dressed this Summer: all my characters have merged into one.

Something somewhat unusual happened on one of my last new clothing shopping trips.  I bought items purely on impulse.  This happened twice on the trip.  In the first instance, I had gone to purchase a jacket.  Near where I was trying on the jacket, there was a rack of sweaters.  I grabbed a sweater, initially only to put it on to enable me to judge the size of the jacket that I was trying on.  Without a great deal of thought, I ended up buying the sweater (along with the jacket).

In the second instance, I had selected two items, after (I thought) thoroughly browsing the store, and went to line up at the till to purchase them.  Near the till was a rack of dresses.  One dress caught my eye.  I picked it up and, again, without a great deal of thought, decided to purchase it as well.  (Admittedly, I decided to purchase it telling myself that if it didn't fit me when I got it home, or if I ended up hating it, I could always return it.)

I never make impulse purchases like this (at least, I don't think that I do).  Oddly, both impulse purchases are probably two of my most successful purchases, ranking above some of my more thought out (and agonized over) purchases.  Is there a lesson to be learned here?

For the sake of interest, I ended up "purchasing" that "sweet" dress that I found on Etsy, in that completely-unknown-to-me shop.  I guess time will tell whether that was too much of an impulse purchase.  I truly hope not.

I am wearing an American Apparel button down shirt with an old Zara scarf, a vintage jumper dress from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy and an old Gap jacket.  My socks are by Hue, my boots are by Frye and my bag is from H&M.

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