Thursday, December 31, 2015

the secret wardrobe life of wardrobetales no. 12 (rundholz edition)

NOTE: ringing in the new year with a bunch of rundholz. thank you for visiting with me here this past year. i wish you all the very best for 2016!

photo nos. 2, 3 and 4: when i was shown the jacket that i am wearing here, i nearly swooned. (yes, when it comes to clothes -- and, these days, rundholz clothes in particular -- i swoon so often that, if i had the wherewithal, it would probably make sense to hire someone to follow me around with a fainting couch when i go clothing shopping -- and shopping for rundholz clothes in particular.) when i brought the jacket home and started pairing it with existing bottoms -- this skirt and these pants -- i started feeling a bit matrix-y (the outside the matrix part), a bit mad max-y (the original) and a bit star wars-y. interesting mix.

photo nos. 5 and 6: new pullover. why? because i love (love) the colour, it was available and who knows how long before there is another rundholz collection in this colour. in other words ... just because.

photo no. 7: someone described this coat as "so judd nelson ... in the breakfast club". true. but i love (love) it.

photo nos. 8 and 9: i try to avoid buying multiples of the same thing. mostly because i feel i should focus on sampling as much of the many different things that are available to me. then again, if something really works, i see nothing wrong with buying multiples of it. i first got this dress in deep red (see photo nos. 5 and 6). when i realized how practical the dress was in my wardrobe, i wanted it in black. i resisted for as long as i could. finally, i caved. i have no regrets and will not look back!

photo nos. 8, 9 and 10: there was a moment (recently) when i thought that i had tossed these boots. then, i found them, at the back of a shoe shelf, hidden behind a ton of trippens. i can't tell you how happy i was. i (very literally) grew up (came into my style) wearing these boots. the thought that i would let them go ... i have no words. anyways, i am wearing them here because ... well ... winter has arrived  ... and these boots were always my tried and true winter boots. others may be wearing sorels, hunters or bean boots (gosh have those ever become popular). and, i had my sorel, hunter and bean boot moments (on the cusp of their popularity). but, now, it somehow feels right to go back to my tried and true combat boots.

all my clothes and accessories are by rundholz. my black footwear (except in the last three photos) is by john fluevog (in the last three photos, i am wearing my very old (very old) combat boots). my cherry red chelsea boots are doc martens.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

the secret wardrobe life of wardrobetales no. 11

i never (never) imagined that i would want to revisit a past wardrobe life. yet, here i am, doing exactly that. at this point in my life, considering my life lived to date i can recall two periods (each probably no longer than two years (three years max)) when i dressed in a way that truly expressed who i was (or wanted to be?) at that time. of course, the clothes that i wore then are long gone. (even if i still had the clothes that i wore then, i doubt that they would fit me now.) so these revisits are more tributes to past wardrobe lives than a return to those past wardrobe lives. here i am paying tribute to the first time in my life that i could recall loving my wardrobe and its fit in my life! (i also call it my "the secret garden" wardrobe life!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

craving a break dress

i so need a break! fortunately (for me) one is on its way. here is what i want to do on my break: escape into a fictitious world ... or multiple fictitious worlds. and when i am not "running away", i want to do nothing: lie flat on my back on my bed or sofa and stare at the ceiling. maybe, if i am so inclined, some yoga. but that is all. some would call all of this a waste of time. that's fine. i am not asking anyone to join me in any of these activities. and i won't stand in the way of anyone else's activities on their break. i just so need my break! i call it pressing my reset button!

p.s. note the specs!

i am wearing the alpen top, the delphi scarf, the l/s honolulu dress and the amazing skirt by kaliyana. my pullover is by grizas. i am wearing the mondrian shoe (closed collection) by trippen.

Friday, December 11, 2015

and this brings me to the end top

i am wearing the alpen action top, the delphi scarf, the (woollen) square jacket and the 3d skirt by kaliyana. my shoes are the mondrian shoe (closed collection) by trippen.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

counting the dots dress

the other day, i was wondering what it is about winter that makes me so melancholy. i have been having lots of conversations lately about the connection between individuals and the rest of the world and between individuals and the environment. some of these conversations have focussed on how sensitive i am to the effect on my internal state of things external to me. staring out the window that day (when i was wondering what it is about winter that makes me so melancholy), it suddenly occurred to be how grey and brown winter is. there is simply no colour. all of nature has died (or gone into hibernation). there is no living colour. i think this lack of colour really affects me! it may also be why i am more inclined to want to wear colour in the winter. on some level, i know, in the absence of "real" colour, i need "artificial" colour.

i am wearing the alpen top, the delphi scarf, the l/s honolulu dress and the amazing skirt by kaliyana. my pullover is by grizas. i am wearing the mondrian shoe (closed collection) by trippen.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

reading books pullover

some clothes just scream libraries to me. club chairs, study carrels, endless stacks of books, perfect (not too bright, not too dim and definitely no fluorescent) lighting, cathedral ceilings in the main reading room, hushed murmurings and brooding skies peeking in from the outside. as temperatures slowly descend, i have been wrapping myself in sweaters and spending lots and lots of time reading books. for me, voluminous dresses are perfect for curling up in a large club chair (or sinking into a large club chair with my legs hooked over an arm of the chair) with a good book. if you ever find yourself in a library reading room and spot someone that fits this description, take a second look, because it just might be me!

i am wearing the outside shirt, the brasilia dress, the scarf sweater by kaliyana. my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.