Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Harbour No Illusions

I have no idea what possessed me to wear another Summer outfit today.  I knew that there was going to be a ten degree difference in the high temperature between yesterday and today, but I just wanted to wear this Summer outfit.  I must admit that I was sorry that I did.  Not only was I cold, but I was also completely out of sync with the grey day that was today -- which, in part, speaks to the feeling of "wrongness" of wearing Summer clothing in Fall climes.  In the sea of dark clothing that was everywhere I looked, I imagine that I really stood out -- not that that was (or ever is) my objective. I pointed this out to someone later, who just quipped, "Summer is over".  So, maybe, today will be the real last day for Summer outfits.  I did consider wearing my "Mackintosh", but I decided against doing so because I thought that that would be foolish.  Foolish, indeed!  I wish that I had been foolish.  At least I would have been warm.

One of my two new Etsy sellers delivered the goods yesterday.  Yay!  Everything fit perfectly and I love every single piece.  Three of the four pieces are appropriate for Fall.  I am looking forward to wearing these Fall pieces.  I would like to wear the fourth piece.  I have even considered how I might "Fall-ify" it.  It's a pink linen dress, so I thought about layering a grey herringbone sweater vest over it, adding a pink plaid scarf and wearing it with my grey Frye boots.  But, given my experience today, I don't know.  Maybe the dress will have to wait until next Summer.

I am wearing a vintage blouse from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy, an old Banana Republic jacket and a skirt that I bought at the fair last month.  My socks are from my sock drawer and my shoes are old Fluevogs.  I am carrying an old Jeanne Lottie purse.

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