Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Professor's Clothes

I can't think of anything more "professorial" than tweed or corduroy or cable knit sweaters (of any sort -- cardigans, vests or pullovers).  Combine all three together, and throw in a scarf, and I think that the result is over the top professorial.

I didn't set out deliberately to wear an over the top professorial outfit.  It just ended up that way.

I am wearing an old Gap shirt, skirt and jacket and an old H&M sweater vest.  My pin is from my jewellery box, my tights are from my sock drawer and my scarf is from my accessories collection.  I am wearing old Fluevog slingbacks and I am carrying an old Jeanne Lottie bag.


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog and adore your style, your stories (big box shopping and the stranger on the bus), and especially your shoes, however I feel you should start to wear a bit of colour again--your blog seems a little depressing lately.

You are fantastically stylish . . .insanely so.

wardrobetales said...

anonymous: thanks for your comment. a few years before i started the blog, i wore nothing but black. one day i woke up and wanted to wear nothing but colour and every colour in the rainbow. it was as if black didn't exist. by the time the blog came into being, i had toned down the colour somewhat (i don't think the blog contains a picture of the turquoise boots that i used to wear with bubble gum pink tights). before i wore all black for the first time in my life (before my all colour phase), i wore earth tones. i would not have dreamt of wearing bright colours (like those in the outfit in this post) or black. in all three phases, i followed how i felt. i never forced anything. all of which is to say that, right now, black feels right. but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Jessica said...

Hello, I agree with anon that you are wonderfully stylish. The comment seems to indicate that you write fiction that can be read online. Is this so? I would love to read more of your writing as your style with words is also very enjoyable!

wardrobetales said...

jessica: thanks! the stories referred to in anon's comment are posts on this blog. i am not a published (or an unpublished) author.