Monday, August 30, 2010

Get Ready ...

Sometimes I am soooo cliche, which is very bizarre, since, most of the time, I can't remember a cliche to save my soul!  There you have it: cliche challenged but still cliche!

Last night, I ordered some stuff from a new (to me) seller on Etsy.

The sellers on Etsy that I have purchased from have all been ones that I have been introduced to in the blogosphere.  With one exception (I think), all of them even maintain their own blogs.  Usually, I become a regular (more or less) reader of an Etsy seller's blog, then I venture to their Etsy shop.  So, when I eventually purchase from their Etsy shop, I feel like I know them and trust them to deliver the goods (so to speak).  Of course, the reality is that you can never really know someone from their blog and, even in the blogosphere, there must be marketing, whether conscious or unconscious, so when I buy from a blogger's Etsy shop, I really don't know that they will deliver the goods.  (Positive feedback with respect to the shop helps somewhat, but can I really rely on it?  Do all Etsy shoppers leave feedback (I know that I am guilty of not leaving feedback).)

All of which is to say that, when I shop a new Etsy store, even though most of me thinks things will turn out great, a little part of me still worries that I have just thrown away some money.  I guess with my latest shopping venture on Etsy, time will tell (fingers crossed though)!

With one exception (my bag, which was purchased this Spring/Summer), everything that I wore today came from my closet.  My dress is H&M, my vest is Zara, my scarf is Old Navy, my boots are Aldo and my bag is H&M.

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