Monday, September 20, 2010


Long gone are the times when one went to the seashore (or some place equally lovely) to convalesce at a leisurely pace, even from an illness that today might be considered minor.  Whenever I long for such convalescence, those around me quickly point out that that was the preserve of the "well-to-do" and that those times weren't a bowl of cherries for women.  Did I really want to go back to those times?  Maybe those were the realities of the times when there was convalescence, but does that mean that convalescence can't exist otherwise?  Is it utopian of me to think that it can and should exist otherwise?

So there is nothing romantic or leisurely about my convalescence.  Basically, I got a day (yesterday) to lounge around the house, before getting back at it.  One day does not a convalescence make, so I still consider myself in the convalescence period, although with nothing romantic about it (not that there was anything romantic about my lounging around the house yesterday, with a box of kleenex in tow).  For my second day of convalescence, I chose to wear all grey.  In an attempt to be positive, I dubbed this outfit: "Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up".  If there were a modern day convalescence (of the romantic, leisurely sort), I wonder what the modern day convalescence wardrobe would look like?

I am wearing an old H&M shirt, an old JCrew cardigan, a JCrew scarf and a Gap skirt.  My pin is from my jewellery box.  My tights are old, from Old Navy, and my boots are by Frye.  I am carrying an H&M envelope bag.

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