Friday, September 10, 2010

Thinking Of Falls Past

Unlike any other season, Fall makes me think of Falls past.  Usually in a sentimental, nostalgic way.

This Fall (yes, I know that, technically, it isn't Fall yet, but let's just overlook that), my mind keeps getting drawn back to how I dressed one particular Fall some years back.  That Fall I wore lots of jumper dresses with shirts and blouses and cardigans layered over top.  Socks and chunky oxfords (some of which I still have) completed most outfits.  Along with how comfortable my dress was, I particularly recall that, at that time, I rarely, if ever, wore skirts (perhaps explaining why I was so comfortable).  One of the reasons that I didn't wear skirts then (and, for the longest time) was that I could never find skirts that fit both my waist and my hips:  If the skirt fit in the waist, it was too tight in the hips.  If the skirt fit my hips, it would be too wide in the waist.  At some point, I did start wearing skirts (and lots of them).  I can't say whether this occurred because my body shape changed, to accommodate the sizing of skirts, or because the design of skirts changed, to accommodate my shape.  It could also be that I just figured out how to make skirts fit even if they didn't actually fit.  In any event, I started wearing skirts.  I am telling this wardrobe tale because, today, I thought that I might be wearing skirts lots this Fall, with shirts, blouses, vests, cardigans and sweaters, not unlike how I wore a skirt today.

I am wearing an an old H&M cardigan, an American Apparel vest, an old H&M shirt and a vintage skirt from Clever Nettle on Etsy.  My socks are by Hue and my (old) boots are by Aldo.  Both my scarf and my bag are old, and I have no clue of their brand or of where I purchased them.  It isn't obvious, but I am also wearing a name pin that I purchased at the fair last month.

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