Saturday, September 11, 2010

No They Are Not ...

... Sweatpants, they are "un-sweatpants".  Putting aside how they might look on me, they are unbelievably comfortable.  More comfortable than sweatpants, in fact.  Now if I could just figure out a way (short of a career change) to be able to wear "un-sweatpants" every day.  At least that's how I feel right now.

When I woke up this morning, I lay in bed for a while, watching the minutes tick by (notionally), trying to figure out what to wear.  The safest thing to have done would have been to have worn one of my planned outfits (the planned outfits are, strictly speaking, for the work week, but they can, if I am in a bind, be extended into the weekend).  But I didn't do the safe thing.  Instead, I just spontaneously threw together today's outfit.  As I was throwing the outfit together, I knew that I was taking a HUGE risk and that I could end up having a bad outfit day, but nothing could stop me.  Frankly, that I did this and that it didn't turn out to be a disaster, I still find amazing.  I am still pinching myself to see if I am dreaming.  (Truth be told I was working from some inspiration, something that I had seen in a store "lookbook" last night.  Just the same, what happened today does not, I repeat, does not, happen often.)

I am wearing a Gap "sweat" jacket, a scarf and a sweater vest from H&M, an old Lands End jersey blouse and "un-sweatpants" by Roots.  My socks are by Hue and my boots are old Aldo boots.  My pin is from my jewellery box.  I am carrying an old Seal Line courier bag from MEC.