Sunday, September 19, 2010

Been There, Done That

Illness is not conducive to being creative in dress, at least not in my case.  Illness, coupled with fickle weather, is doubly not conducive to being creative in dress (again, I am speaking just for myself).  This old outfit is something that I settled on after trying something new, something that proved to be too warm (physically making me feel worse rather than better).  Of course, one might ask why I needed to get dressed at all if I was sick.  Shouldn't I just have stayed in my pyjamas in bed?  I have no good answer to that, other than that getting out of bed and getting dressed helps me to feel like I am waging war with illness (rather than giving in to it), even if I end up lying around on the sofa for the better part of the day.

I am wearing an old Old Navy tshirt, an old Lands End skirt, an old Gap vest and an old JCrew sweater.  My suspenders are old, from H&M.  My socks are by Hue and my shoes are by Frye.

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