Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Last Of The Summer Outfits (Maybe)

Today may very well be the last time this Summer that I wear a Summer outfit.  Although, if I am to have faith in our meteorologists, there is more of today to come, before Fall and the progression to Winter set in, so there may be further opportunities to wear Summer outfits.  Even so, it is starting to feel somehow wrong to wear Summer clothing, so if Summer weather does return, I think that I will opt for lighter Fall clothing over Summer clothing.

Even if today's outfit was a Summer outfit, with its plaid skirt and preponderance of navy, it was certainly inspired by Fall.  I have said this many times now (and will probably say it many more times), I adore Fall.  So I definitely want to get in as much Fall dressing time as I can.  Winter always seems to set in so quickly once Fall starts, cruelly depriving me of the bliss of Fall dressing.  If I can extend my Fall dressing time, by even a little bit, by cutting into Summer dressing time at the end of Summer, what is so wrong with that?

I am wearing a vintage blouse from Sally Jane Vintage on Etsy, an old JCrew jacket and an Old Navy skirt.  My socks are by Hue and my boots are old Aldo boots.  I am carrying an old H&M bag.

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