Friday, September 17, 2010

Funny Things

Sometimes, the funniest things (and, by "funny", I mean strange) occur to me while I am travelling to and from my various destinations during the day.  Today, for example, I was exiting the subway, walking behind someone I know, who happened to be carrying a briefcase, when I got to thinking about when it is okay, and when it isn't, to carry a briefcase.  Does one have to carry work papers in a briefcase in order for it to be okay to carry a briefcase?  In other words, if your job doesn't require you to take work home, is it okay to carry to a briefcase?  Or, can you carry a briefcase no matter what your job requires, in terms of taking work home?  Bottom line:  Is it okay to carry a briefcase if you are just carrying your lunch in it?  Here's what I decided:  If a briefcase suits what you are wearing (or, perhaps, more accurately, suits what you are trying to express), work it (all puns intended).

My goal this Fall/Winter, in terms of clothing, is to learn to select, from my wardrobe, coats and jackets that please me.  Selecting coats and jackets to wear in Fall/Winter hasn't always been easy for me.  Often, while I am pleased with what I wear underneath my coat, I am less pleased with the coat:  It doesn't seem to "go" with my outfit.  While picking appropriate toppers has been a perenial struggle to date, I haven't really ever deliberately turned my mind to the task.  So, this Fall/Winter, I have decided to turn my mind to the task.  I live somewhere where a topper is required for pretty much 75 percent of the year.  It is about time that I figure out how to do topper thing right, at least for me.

My purchase from the second unknown Etsy seller arrived yesterday.  All I can say is:  Another happy ending!

I am wearing an Urban Outfitters flannel shirt with an old pin, an H&M sweater and Hue jeggings.  Layered over top are an old Gap vest and scarf.  My socks are from my sock drawer and my shoes are by Neosens.  I am carrying an H&M bag.

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