Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Moment Of Panic

Yesterday, no surprises, I had some difficulty figuring out what to wear.  What on Friday I had planned on wearing on Saturday I couldn't bear to wear when I woke up on Saturday -- the outfit felt too dressed up and had too many pieces to it.  I just didn't feel up to an outfit that I thought would be too much work to wear.  Having rejected the planned outfit, I tried on two other outfits, both of which, for various reasons, I also rejected.  Then I thought of the dress that I did end up wearing.  Off I went, in search of the dress.  I looked in one cabinet.  I looked in one box.  I looked in a second cabinet.  I started to panic.  Where was that dress?  It was a favourite dress.  Did I mistakenly (in a rash, purging moment) put it in the charity bin?  Surely I never would have done that!  I checked my "stock" of recently cleaned clothing.  I looked in a third cabinet.  The panic increased.  I told myself to relax and breathe, the dress had to be somewhere, perhaps buried somewhere.  I returned to the first cabinet that I had looked in and, one by one, pulled out all of the clothing in that cabinet.  The relax and breathe message was started to fail me.  I returned to the box and, one by one, pulled out all of the clothing in that box.  Not there.  PANIC!  I could not have gotten rid of it!  I just could not have!  No way!  I pulled out a second box to look through.  OMG!  PHEW!  Major relief.  Normal breathing resumed.  There it was.  The dress.

The two handbags that I bagged (pun intended) yesterday at The Clothing Show were purchased from a seller dealing exclusively in bags, belts and shoes.  There were tons of bags on sale.  At first, I was alone in searching through the bags of the style that I had settled on.  Then, a second person joined me.  By that time, I had already settled on a handbag (literally, i.e., a bag that can only be carried by hand) and was searching for a shoulder bag version of the style.  So was my competition.  It's funny how competition makes you question your choices.  I know that I had discounted for myself the bags that my competition was picking up, yet I couldn't help but question whether I had been right in discounting them.  I had a shoulder bag in hand that I thought was right for me.  I felt like my competition was just waiting for me to put it down.  I felt like we were circling each other, each of us waiting for the other to give up her goods.  I hated it!  But I think that I came away with what I wanted and what was good for me.

At The Clothing Show yesterday, there was an opportunity to purchase a leather school satchel style briefcase.  While the briefcase wasn't that expensive, the clasp was broken, meaning that the only way it would stay shut was by using the buckles (a somewhat cumbersome way to open and close the bag), and it was a true briefcase, meaning it could only be carried by hand.  I was looking for something like this briefcase, but what I had in mind had a shoulder strap.  In the end, I decided to save my money and not buy the briefcase.  I think that I made the right call.  I hope that I don't question my decision in the weeks to come.  I guess that if I do, I can always put "the briefcase" on my wish/search for list.  It wouldn't be the first time that this happened and, I am sure, it won't be the last time.  What would I do if I didn't have things to search for.

I am wearing a flannel blouse from Urban Outfitters, unsweatpants from Roots, an old vest from the Gap and an old jean jacket from the Gap.  My pin is from my jewellery box, my socks are from my sock drawer and my boots are old Fluevogs.

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