Tuesday, December 31, 2013

sometimes no. 3

photo no. 1: the dress i am wearing here came from a store that sells clothing that doesn't usually excite me. (a friend suggested a way that i might curb my seemingly non-stop shopping: only go into stores that sell clothing that doesn't excite me. well i guess that didn't work! i always say that i can find something that i like pretty much everywhere.) i am also wearing an old preloved sweater vest. (i got some new preloved stuff recently. i don't usually go for any of the preloved spring/summer stuff. but the autumn/winter stuff, i usually buy at least one piece each year, going back to when i first discovered preloved some years ago.) my bottoms are by hue. (my collection of bottoms by hue keeps growing! everytime i see them in a new colour, i scoop them up. i recently got a faux leather pair!)

photo no. 5: i am wearing new chelsea boots by john fluevog. (the moment i put them on i realized why it is a good idea to replace old footwear, even if the old footwear still looks good: comfort, support, cushioning and bounce. all of which is nowhere to be seen ... or felt ... in old footwear. still, i am going to hang on to some of my old footwear. particularly my vintages vogs!)

photo no. 6: i am wearing a new shrunken pullover (zara) with one of my old little plaid dresses.

photo nos. 7 and 8: i am wearing a favourite outfit from last year: a gap shirt with an h&m tie; a wrap cardi from anthropologie; a golden pullover from club monaco; a bustle skirt by bunny and pear; hue trousers; and fluevogs.

photo nos. 9 to 13: the "i really, really want them" new sorels make it out of the closet ... in both their colours.

photo no. 14: i am wearing new star struck jeggings from h&m (not as comfortable as hue jeggings, but i couldn't resist -- i was struck by -- the star pattern). these jeggings bring to mind (at least to my mind) fireworks. with fireworks in my mind, i bid good-bye to 2013 and an "until we may meet again" to this type of dress.

Friday, December 27, 2013

wow dress

well it may have been the case that i wasn't "into" colour recently, but i really couldn't claim not being "into" colour on the day that i wore (or even on the day that i bought) this vibrant red dress. i must admit that buying this dress was pretty much a done deal. i love polka dots. i love this particular polka dot print. and, as far as colour goes, red is definitely a favourite colour of mine. and, of course, there was the interesting shape of the dress. not one thing (that i can think of) to speak of against buying the dress.

i am wearing the alpen top (a/w helsinki collection), the l/s honolulu dress (with arm tubes) (a/w 2013), the pelican top (a/w 2013), the escape skirt (a/w nagano collection) and the square jacket (a/w reykjavik collection) by kaliyana. my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

sometimes no. 2

photo nos. 1 and 2: a new skirt from a favourite label.  love, love, love! i am wearing the lausanne skirt (a/w 2013) and the jillian jacket (a/w 2012), all melow by melissa bolduc. my boots are doc martens (old).

photo nos 3: some more brand new clothing from a favourite label, including my first woollen piece from the label. more please! i am wearing the layla dress and the lennon cardigan, all melow by melissa bolduc (a/w 2013). my boots are doc martens (old).

photo nos. 4 and 5: i am wearing the johan cardigan, the judith skirt, the jian legging and the jillian jacket: all melow by melissa bolduc (a/w 2012). my boiled wool jacket is zara (old). my chelsea boots are cydwoq (old).

Friday, December 13, 2013

eventually all things come to a head jacket

i knew that the "thing" that i had been wearing as a coat a few weeks ago i would start wearing as a jacket underneath a coat. i just didn't think it would happen so soon. i think that i am in for a long, cold winter.

i am wearing the alpen top (a/w helsinki collection) by kaliyana, a sweater dress by lauren vidal (a/w 2013) and trousers and a woollen jacket by grizas (a/w 2013). my boots are the rectangle boot (closed collection) by trippen.