Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing Special

It was a "nothing special" day today, in terms of what I decided to wear:  Just jeans (or, more correctly, jeggings) and a blouse (and my favourite pin of course).  As I don't wear tshirts often, this is about as close to jeans and a tshirt as it gets for me (although tshirts are starting to show up in my outfits more often than ever).

I am simply exhausted.  Suffering from a cold all week, while trying to go on with the obligatory part of my life, was really tiring.  The voluntary part of my life got put on hold; there was only so much that I felt up to doing being sick.  I did what I absolutely had to do and then I tried to rest so that I could get better.  Right now, though, I feel like I am seriously rest deprived.  And, I am caring less and less about what clothes I am putting on.

I got unexpectedly "Bogged" down this evening.  Small joke!  On my way home from work, I dropped by one of my favourite shoe stores (not my most favourite shoe store, though, which, of course, is the Fluevog store).  There were some new styles of Bogs on sale and I just couldn't resist purchasing some.  A couple of days ago, I heard that Winter this year is expected to be colder than it was last year.  I do hope (apologies to those who don't hope) that that means there will be more snow.  I want to be able to wear, not only my new Bogs, but also all my old Sorels that have been accumulating in my closet over the years.  Without snow,  the Bogs and Sorels just don't work.  They are too warm for comfort!

I am wearing an old H&M blouse and sweater vest, jeggings and socks by Hue and shoes by Fluevog.  My pin is from my jewellery box, and I am carrying a H&M envelope bag.

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