Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Pet Peeve And A Habit

When I am ill, I am usually in a state of heightened sensitivity, meaning that things that I might otherwise just notice as a minor, but tolerable, annoyance become intolerable, requiring immediate rectification.  This was the case this morning with the hang tag in my blouse.  The moment I put on the blouse, I felt the hang tag, scratching against the skin of the back of my neck.  Why must these hang tags be so rough (and, sometimes, downright sharp) at the edges?  What's worse than a rough hang tag is a rough hang tag that is stitched into a seam, requiring major reconstruction of a garment in order to remove completely the hang tag from the garment (okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit).  Suffice it to say that my blouse is now hang tag free, and, lucky for me, the makers of the blouse were kind enough not to sew the hang tag into a seam, making its removal easy.

I noticed this morning that when I bring out an old piece of clothing to wear (or, for that matter, when I decide to wear a new piece of clothing), I have a habit of wearing it at least a couple of times.  For example, the old grey cardigan that I dug out of my closet to wear on Sunday I was compelled to wear yesterday.  The same goes for the black jeggings that I wore for the first time on Friday.  I wore them again the next day, on Saturday.  Even the sweater that I wore today.  It's new.  I wore it for the first time a week ago Sunday and, since then, I have been itching to wear it again.  The quilted vest that I wore today I also wore last Friday, which was when I first brought it out for the Fall season.  Strange this habit is.  I think that it is what led me, the other day, to think about the size of my wardrobe that is actually in circulation (so to speak), the size of my reserve wardrobe and when either, but particularly (I think) the latter, should be scaled back.  Funny, until today, I never really thought about my wardrobe being made up of these two parts.  In some ways, I think this perspective on my wardrobe might actually help me to contain (what I sometimes think is) its unwieldy size.

I am wearing a Calvin Klein blouse, a cardigan from Anthropologie, an old Gap quilted vest, a scarf from my accessories collection, suspenders from my accessories collection and an H&M skirt.  My pin is from my jewellery box, my tights are from my sock drawer, my socks are by Hue and my boots are Fluevog.  I am carrying an H&M bag.

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