Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Clothing Show

Today, I went to something called "The Clothing Show".  Once upon a time, "The Clothing Show" used to be "The Old Clothing Show and Sale".  At that time, the event took place once a year, in Spring, and all the "exhibitors" were vintage clothing sellers.  The venue was easily accessible by public transit.  I tried to go every year, but, sometimes, I couldn't go because I had exams to study for.  Over time, "The Old Clothing Show and Sale" morphed into the "The Clothing Show" and started taking place twice a year, in Fall and in Spring.  The "exhibitors" became a mix of sellers, some being vintage clothing sellers, some being independent designers and some being off-price sellers, all the "exhibitors" combined carrying a range of product, from the remarkably stunning to the tacky.  Over the years, the venue has moved around a bit, not always being easy to get to by public transit.  At some point, I am not sure when or why, I stopped going regularly and started going only once in a while.  This Fall, I decided that I would go.

I contemplated asking one of my friends to accompany me to "The Clothing Show", but, in the end, I decided against doing so, largely because I couldn't say what I would be getting my friend into.

Do you get the sense that this is all building up to something not necessarily fantastic?  Well, you're right.  The experience was just mediocre.  First, the venue wasn't supposed to be as difficult to get to as it turned out.  Unfortunately, between the public transit stop and the venue lay the soccer stadium and there was a soccer game scheduled today, meaning that one was forced (literally, by security) to walk around the stadium to reach the venue, making the venue that much more difficult to reach.  Have to keep those clothing fiends away from the soccer stadium at all costs, for they just might want to sneak into the game!  While I was walking around the soccer stadium to the Show, I did, more than once, ask myself whether it was worth the bother.  Next, there weren't nearly enough vintage clothing sellers or independent designers.  There seemed to be a lot of off-price sellers, selling clothing of (sorry) questionable quality.  The experience, however, wasn't a complete disaster.  I did walk away with two vintage handbags (purchased for a grand total of $35) and a lovely school girl themed charm necklace.  Will I go to "The Clothing Show" in the Spring?  Right now I am inclined to say that I probably won't, but where clothing is concerned, I never say never.

I am wearing an old Zara dress, an H&M sweater vest and an old H&M wrap cardigan.  My cameo brooch is from my jewellery box, my tights are from my sock drawer and my shoes are by Fluevog.  I am carrying an old Roots bag.

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