Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sturdy Flower Stalks Cardi

I am very pleased with this dress and cardi from H&M.  I must have visited the two pieces several times in the store before I decided to try them on, separately, and, eventually, to buy them, again, separately.  I was a regular clothing stalker.  Stalking doesn't always work.  Sometimes the clothing disappears before I have the opportunity to either reject or embrace it.  Sometimes (although, lately, very rarely), if I embrace the clothing, I end up making a trip to the charity shop to deposit clothing worn only once.  This time, things worked out well.

I am wearing a dress and wool cardi from H&M's Conscious Collection, old leggings, an old silk scarf, an old wool beret, an old H&M coat, a faux fur collar (altered by me) from H&M and gloves from H&M.  My boots are Fluevogs.  I am carrying a bag by Roots.

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