Monday, December 5, 2011

Splash Down Raincoat

Raincoats and wellies are the best on a rainy day.  I know that other shoes and boots can be weather protected, but, whenever I wear other shoes and boots on a rainy day, I walk very gingerly, as if I were walking on eggshells.  I am not sure that coats other than raincoats can ever be as waterproof as raincoats.  Umbrellas have their limitations, providing limited protection from rain that comes at you sideways.  My conclusion:  shoes and boots other than wellies, coats other than raincoats and umbrellas are fine on a rainy day.  Raincoats and wellies are the best on a rainy day.

I am wearing an old crewneck wool sweater, a wool sweater vest and cableknit skirt from H&M, an old silk scarf, an old wool beret, texting gloves from H&M and an old LLBean raincoat.  My wellies are old Hunters.

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