Sunday, December 4, 2011

Old Rusty Nail Plaid Shirt

Every Sunday, I make my way to a studio in town to teach a yoga class.  Across the street from the studio is a building of work/live lofts.  Next to that stands what looks like a water tower.  As I approach the studio from the subway, I can see the water tower and it looks like it sits atop the building of work/live lofts.  Ever since I saw the horror flick Dark Water, I cannot look at that water tower without thinking that I am in that horror film.  One of the reasons that I don't watch horror flicks is that it takes a long time for the horror to leave my mind.  The horror flicks that play with one's mind are far worse than those that are gory, in this respect.  I rarely if ever watch gory horror flicks, but, even though I know better, I can't help but be drawn into watching a horror flick that plays with one's mind.  Dark Water was that kind of flick.  As long as that water tower near the studio doesn't hold any horrific secrets, now or in the future, I guess it's okay that it represents horror to me ... at least right now.

I am wearing an old UO plaid flannel blouse and cotton knit tie, an old Zara wool jumper dress with an old AA belt, an old LLBean bird's eye knit wool cardigan, old Lululemon Winter leggings, an old LLBean raincoat and an old wool beret.  My wellies are old Hunters.  I am carrying a bag by Roots.

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