Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pocket It Skirt

The look:

plaid flannel blouse - old Urban Renewal
sweater vest - old Precocious
corduroy skirt - Anthropologie
cropped woollen jacket - H&M (Conscious Collection)
wool beret - old
coat - old UO
woollen circle scarf - old H&M
gloves - H&M
chelsea boots - Cydwoq
bag - Roots

The story:

The Fryes that I ordered a week or so ago arrived today.  I hadn't intended to order the Fryes from an online shop.  I had intended to buy the Fryes from a shop in town.  Unfortunately, while the shop carries many styles of Fryes, it does not carry the two styles that I was coveting.  Then, I found out that the online shop was having a sale.  Well that was that.  One pair of the new Fryes may not see the light of this blog until Spring -- they are wingtip oxfords and, you may recall, this Fall/Winter, I have decided that I need my footwear to cover my ankles if I am going to be warm and, in Fall/Winter, I need to be warm.  The second pair will definitely see the light of this blog this Fall/Winter -- they are hiking boots.  I should probably wait to write about new purchases until I actually wear them, but, with online purchases, I am so excited when they arrive that I can't contain myself.  Besides, lately, writing about new purchases when they are made, rather than when they are first worn, seems to speed up the wearing of the new purchases. Which is a very good thing for me, as I have a tendency to buy and stow, rather than buy and wear.  And, speaking of buying and wearing, the corduroy skirt is something that I bought recently on sale from Anthropologie.  And I am already wearing it.  The attraction of this skirt was its pockets.  And I think that the pockets will remain a favourite feature of the skirt for as long as it remains with me.

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