Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mustard Seed Sweater Jacket

The look:

shirt - old Gap
tie - old UO
sweater jumper dress - old Zara
sweater jacket - old JCrew
knit shorts - H&M
coat - old H&M coat
wool beret - old AA
gloves - old Kenneth Cole
boots - Cydwoq
bag - old cotton canvas souvenir satchel

The story:

I wore this outfit about a month ago.  It was my first foray into wearing the colour golden yellow (or mustard).  Since then, I have embraced the colour.  It is one of the few colours that I will now wear (when I decide to wear colour).  All of the colours that I wear now can probably be described as earth colours.  Along with golden yellow, I like greens and blues.  I also like reds, but I am not sure that red can be labelled an earth colour (or maybe it can?)

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