Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Button Jumper Dress

The look:

wool sweater - old JCrew
cotton knit jumper dress - old JCrew
puffer vest - old JCrew
wool beret - old
raincoat - old LLBean
texting gloves - H&M
wellies - old Hunters
bag - Roots

The tale:

Sometimes, when I go shopping, I tell little white lies to the shop clerks.  These lies are usually that I am shopping for someone other than myself when in reality I am shopping for myself.  The reason I tell these lies is because it is easier to deal with the shop clerks when they don't know the truth -- I don't have to explain why I like/want the things I like/want and don't like/want the things that I don't like/want, which they do seem to like/want me to want.  Given how uncomfortable I feel about retail conversation, it is amazing that I actually worked in retail for a while.  Of course, it was gift shop retail not clothing retail.  Maybe different retail conversation is called for, conversation that I am less uncomfortable with.  But isn't it amazing that shop clerks don't try to sell me anything when they are given to believe that I am shopping for someone other than myself?

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