Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Catching Up Plaid Dress

The look:

dress - old Lands End Canvas
wool wrap cardi - H&M
wool shawl collar open cardi - old Lands End Canvas
wool beret - old
parka - old Canada Goose
wool scarf - old H&M
gloves - H&M
chelsea boots - Cydwoq
bag - Roots

The tale:

Of the three old Lands End Canvas plaid shirt dresses that I own, this one has seen the least amount of wear.  I have no sense that my wearing of the three dresses will be equalized over the course of this Winter.  I have noticed a pattern lately of "moving" through my wardrobe.  I am not sure that I can explain exactly what this means.  I work through one cluster of clothing, then I put this clothing away, pull out another cluster of clothing and work through that.  And so on and so on.  If this pattern holds through Winter (and, beyond that, through Spring), having now worked my way through the three plaid shirt dresses, it is improbable that they will get pulled out again this Winter (and, beyond that, Spring), unless, of course, I manage to work my way through the rest of my wardrobe (very unlikely). Of course, that I have slipped into this pattern of moving through my wardrobe does not mean that it will continue throughout Winter (and, beyond that, through Spring).  If there is any certainty in how I dress it is that there is no certainty, other than that I will get dressed.

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