Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gnome-coming Plaid Dress

The look:

Plaid dress - old Lands End Canvas
wool vest - old Preloved
wool cardi - old Preloved
tie - old Gap
belt - old UO
cropped duffle coat - old ON
wool beret - old
gloves - H&M
booties - old Fluevogs
bag - Roots

The story:

Today, I brought home the gnome that I was graciously permitted to adopt.  I thought that, for this grand occasion, I would dress appropriately.  Take note of the red and green plaid dress and the booties.  Very gnome-like no (or is that yes)?  The gnome is settling in very well.  In fact, as I write this, there is a contented, soft, little snore coming from the corner of my house where he has decided to bed down for the night.  More about my little gnome later.

Now, let me move on to the plaid dress that I wore.  This is one of three plaid dresses that I got last year from Lands End Canvas.  I can't deny that I have loved each and every one of them since I got them.  I also can't deny that I haven't always been satisfied with the way that I have worn them.  So, this Winter, I am going to try styling them somewhat differently.  So far, so good.

One more thing: the bag that I have been carrying exclusively lately.  Tonight, on my way home, I stopped off at the Roots store near my house to explore.  I discovered that my bag may well be a limited edition bag.  It seems that bags of this style now come only with contrasting stitching, rather than the tone on tone stitching that they came in when I got mine.  I am so glad that I got mine when I did.

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