Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Days Will Now Get Longer Knit Skirt

The look:

sweater - old JCrew
belt - UO (from Summer)
wool knit skirt - H&M
puffer vest - old JCrew
wool beret - old AA
raincoat - old LLBean
texting gloves - H&M
wellies - old Hunters
bag - Roots

The tale:

When I was buying the skirt that I wore today, I was pretty certain that it was a skirt.  Once I got it home, though, I started questioning what it was.  Was it really a skirt?  Finally, I decided that it was a skirt, and I wore it out.  I told this story to a friend of mine today (a friend who knows about style and fashion).  He asked me what I had thought it might be, if not a skirt.  I said that I had thought that it might be some kind of neck warmer.  He said that it couldn't possibly be a neck warmer because it had a zipper, which would become too bunched up making the garment uncomfortable if it were worn around the neck.  He said that it might be some kind of belt, to be worn over a tunic, but that that would make it a sort of skirt.  He said that he thought that it could be nothing but a skirt.  Whatever it was supposed to be, I am comfortable wearing it as a skirt.

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