Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quiet Before The Storm Dress

The look:

dress - Dear Creatures (Autumn 2010)
pullover - old H&M
coat - old UO
wool beret - old
woollen gloves - H&M
chelsea boot - Cydwoq
bag - Roots

The tale:

Today was my first free day since last Wednesday -- no plans, no commitments, no engagements.  So I decided that I would see what sales the stores had on offer.  I wasn't expecting much, since yesterday was the big shopping day when, I imagine, all the good stuff would have been scooped up, but I wanted to get out of the house for a bit and, well, clothes shopping is my idea of fun.  I got an awesome wool sweater (thirty bucks) and two cloth coats (twenty two bucks each).  Not bad.  I visited a total of three stores, although I wasn't seriously shopping in the third store, as by the time I reached it I was too tired to really shop seriously.  After the third store, I decided to call it a day, go pick up groceries and some lunch and head home.

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