Friday, December 9, 2011

Professor Argyle Sweater Dress

The look:

shirt - old Gap
sweater dress - Miss Green Originals
down filled cardi - old Gap
wool circle scarf - old H&M
wool beret - old
chelsea boots - Cydwoq

The story:

In the Winter, I get very cold, even indoors.  Except for the yoga studio, which I like to be kept hot, most spaces that I inhabit, including my home, I like to be kept on the low side of mild.  Mostly this is so that the space doesn't get too dry.  I have never tolerated dryness well, but, this year, I am finding dryness just downright painful (especially for the eyes).  What all this means is that I have to wear a lot of clothes in the Winter, not only to stay warm when I am outdoors, but also to stay warm when I am indoors.  While many people wouldn't dream of wearing a hat indoors, a wool scarf indoors or a down filled cardi indoors, today, I found myself putting on all three to keep warm.

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