Sunday, December 18, 2011

Endings And Beginnings Wrap Cardi

The look:

dress - old Zara
wool wrap cardi - H&M
wool shawl collar open cardi - old Lands End Canvas
wool beret - old
parka - old Canada Goose
wool scarf - old H&M
gloves - H&M
booties - Fluevog
bag - Roots

The tale:

Yesterday, on my way home from a meeting, I stopped off at the Anthropologie store near where I live.  There was a sale going on.  (On reflection, this doesn't seem as spectacular as I originally thought it was, as there seems to be a sale going on in just about every clothing store.)  I am not sure whether it was the fact of the sale, or the fact that it was one week away from Christmas, that brought so many people in to the store, in addition to myself.  The check out line was so long that it wound its way throughout the better part of the ground floor of the store.  Every once in a while, a shop clerk would walk down the line with a tray of glasses of water (which glasses ended up, very unattractively, stacked up on the tables of merchandise on the floor -- but, no matter, better that the clientele didn't pass out and that the clerks manned the registers than occupied themselves with clearing the merchandise tables of the stacks of glasses).  Remarkably, there was no line up at the fitting rooms, which, I guess, suggests that most shoppers were shopping for others rather than for themselves.  (Obviously, since I used the fitting rooms, noticing that there was no line up, I was shopping for myself.)  I came away with a "good deal coat", a "very good deal coat".  Although I tried on a few other things, nothing else passed my test of being something better than what I already have.  The coat, however, passed the test ... and then some, since otherwise I would not have bothered lining up to purchase it.  I must say, Anthropologie has been a good source of "good deal coats" for me this Winter.  The coat fairies have definitely been hard at work nudging me in all the right directions at all the right times!  Thank you coat fairies!

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