Friday, December 30, 2011

Mallard Print Pullover

The look:

wool pullover - LLBean Signature
wool pants with suspenders - old LLBean
vest - old JCrew
scarf - old UO
duffle coat - old ON
wool beret - old
gloves - H&M
bag - classic Coach
rucksack - Eddie Bauer
boots - old LLBean

The tale:

I know that sweaters with animal prints have been all the rage for some time now.  But, until today, I was not partaking in this trend.  I did think about getting an animal print sweater, when the trend first surfaced, but there just wasn't any animal print sweater that called out to me.  At least not until this one, with its mallard, surfaced.  Now, I have joined in on the fun.  I did wait until the sweater went on sale to purchase it.  Lucky for me, not too many people obviously like the mallard, for there was one sweater (at least) available in my size.  This usually doesn't happen to me.  Usually, if I wait until something that I like goes on sale, my size is already sold out or sells out before I can get to the shop.  Speaking of sales, I am slowly making my way through my favourite shops to check out their sales.  I am coming across some great deals.  O happy times!  Today was a lazy day for me:  A late breakfast of wonderful pastry and tea, some shopping, yoga practice, take away for dinner and movies.  My outfit was selected specifically for such a lazy day.  Comfy and cosy.

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