Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Still A Favourite Dress

The look:

dress - old LLBean Signature
pullover - H&M
scarf - old Gap
beret - old AA
boots - old Aldo

The tale:

It was almost an outfit rerun day.  Almost.  At the last minute, I tried out some different sweaters -- a turquoise cable knit wool cardi and the cable knit wool pullover that I ended up wearing -- and, voila, a fresh new outfit!  Today was my last vacation day for a while.  It wasn't my intention to do any shopping today, but I found myself in Anthropologie, its end of season sale is still running and, well, need I say more?  I am just going to say that its my way of ending/marking a pretty good vacation.  I feel a bit sad -- because the pretty good vacation is ending -- but I feel like somehow something is beginning rather than that something is ending!

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