Thursday, January 26, 2012

Black Boucle Suit

The look:

pullover, jacket and skirt - H&M
turtleneck - old Gap
leggings - old Old Navy
texting gloves - H&M
beret - old
boots - old Bogs
coat - old UO
scarf and mitts - old H&M
bag - old Lululemon

The tale:

My attempt at trying out the modern minimalist style, with this outfit, was a failure.  Which isn't to say that I wasn't pleased with the outfit -- I was -- but it just wasn't of the modern minimalist style.  At a minimum (completely unintentional pun), I might have to lose the beret and the (as someone described them yesterday, French philosopher) glasses.  The boots would probably have to go too.  Or, maybe, it is something about me, something inherent.  Whatever.  Maybe I will try to exploit the French philosopher look of the glasses.  Hmmmmmm.

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