Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Into The Woods Skirt

The look:

shirt - old Pendleton
tie - old Gap
vest - old UO
skirt - old H&M
jacket - old H&M
leggings - old Lululemon
socks - old, from an off-price shop
boots - old LLBean
parka - old Canada Goose
scarf - old H&M
gloves - H&M

The tale:

My last Christmas package arrived today.  A lovely pair of ankle boots.  I do so want to wear them immediately, but, alas, for reasons having to do with ... work ... I cannot.  Which isn't to say that the ankle boots are not work appropriate.  I will certainly wear them to work.  Just not tomorrow.  It's too complicated to explain.  So I will just say thank you for the boots and move on to today's outfit.  Another rerun outfit.  I must say that the skirt that I wore today and the one that I wore yesterday are two of my most favourite skirts.  And the jacket that I wore today and yesterday is also a favourite.  Oh, and the Pendleton shirt, you guessed it, another favourite.  I guess that just leaves the vest.  Okay, it's a favourite too!  While I am on the subject of the vest, and the Pendleton shirt, both were post Christmas sales steals from Urban Outfitters.  This year, I found the post Christmas sales at Urban Outfitters disappointing, in this sense:  I was counting on finding some flannel plaid shirts.  By the time I got to the shop, however, there were none in my size.  Quite the difference from last year, when I was able to score the Pendleton shirt and the corduroy vest (not to mention some other items), much later after Christmas.  Too bad, so sad, I guess.  On a brighter note, I did score a Wood Wood wool blanket vest/cape at a low, low price.  So Urban Outfitters is still in my good books.

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