Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Into The Depths Of Darkness Skirt

The look:

shirt - LLBean
tie - old Gap
skirt - old RW & Co
vest - old LLBean
beret - old
coat - old UO
scarf - old H&M
gloves - H&M
boots - old
bag - old Lululemon

The tale:

First of all: Apologies for the wrinkles.  I had very little time to do more than throw on the outfit and rush out the door.  Which brings me to this:  It has been some time since I found myself so uncomfortable and/or unhappy with an outfit that I had to quickly change out of it and into a new outfit.  That is what happened this morning.  Although the first outfit that I put on this morning I wasn't so much uncomfortable or unhappy with as I thought that it was a tad inappropriate for what I was supposed to do today.  All that said, I have to add that as much as it felt good to wear colour yesterday, it felt good to return to dark clothing today (both the "reject" outfit and the "go with" outfit were dark -- one brown, the other, charcoal grey).  But I haven't given up on colour for this week just yet.

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