Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Match Made In Heaven Boots

The look:

blouse and jumper dress - old H&M
wrap cardi - old Bench
texting gloves - H&M
beret - old
boots - old Miz Mooz
coat - old UO
scarf - old H&M
bag - old Lululemon

The tale:

I haven't worn these boots in several years, but for these boots and I it was love at first sight followed by (and remaining) everlasting love.  But on two occasions, they almost got away from me.  (That makes me sound like a stalker and my love for the boots unrequited.  Never mind.)  The first occasion was when I bought the boots.  In the shop, I tried on the pair on display and when I was satisfied that they fit and had decided to purchase them, the shop clerk offered to get me a "fresh pair".  I accepted the offer and she produced a box of "fresh boots".  Neither the shop clerk nor I bothered to check that the boots inside the box were the correct size, i.e., the size indicated on the box and my correct size.  I made the purchase and went home (practically skipping all the way) with my new boots.  Turns out the boots inside the box were the wrong size, which calamity I discovered when I got home and pulled out the boots to try them on.  Fortunately, the shop was still open.  I immediately called and arranged for the ill-sized boots to be replaced by the right-sized boots.  I say fortunately because the pair that I had tried on in the shop were the last pair in my size.  Had I not called that night, chances are the boots would have gone to another home.  The second occasion (when the boots almost got away from me) was a couple of years ago when I was doing a major closet purge and almost put them in the charity shop pile.  But the everlasting love prevailed.  Yes, I wasn't wearing them at the time, but I still loved them.  I am soooo glad that I hung on to the boots.  It is fate.  The boots and I were just meant to be.


Jessica said...

Gorgeous boots!

wardrobetales said...

thanks! i am happy to say that while quite a bit of what i wore in 2012 has disappeared from my closets, these boots are still in there!