Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Going To The Ball Skirt

The look:

pullover - old JCrew
tie - old Gap
skirt - old H&M
cardi - American Apparel
texting gloves - H&M
beret - old
boots - old
parka - old Canada Goose
bag - old Lululemon
scarf and mitts - old H&M

The tale:

So this is what you are wearing tonight?  How many times have I heard that question asked.  Yes, this is what I wore this evening to a "dinner" (meaning an evening meal attended by many with a seating plan) where dress code was not stipulated.  I went to the "dinner" because it was held in honour of someone whom I like.  Usually, I am not one to attend "dinners".  I am a bit of a hermit in this respect.  So wouldn't it make the most sense for me, having decided to put myself in a somewhat unfamiliar environment, to dress in a way that was most comfortable for me?  I hate it when I try to explain why I chose to wear something when asked that question, "So this is what you are wearing tonight?"  Yes, this is what I wore tonight.

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