Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winter 2011 Puffer Vest

The look:

flannel shirt - old Urban Renewal
wool open cardi - old H&M
woollen shorts - H&M
puffer vest - old JCrew
scarf - old UO
wool beret - old AA
boots - old LLBean
raincoat - old LLBean

The tale:

The puffer vest that I wore today isn't new.  That said, when it was new, I think that I may have worn it only once, making me wonder if it might have been a mistake.  Still, I wasn't so distressed by the possibility of having made (yet another) clothing mistake that I didn't keep the puffer vest.  I thank the clothing gods for making me hang on to it.  This Winter, I have already worn this puffer vest (counting today) on four occasions.  When I wear something this often, it is usually a signal that the thing is going to be one of my "go to", "it" pieces for the season.  So, with a welcome to 2012, I am also welcoming the puffer vest of Winter 2011.

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