Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Tied Tie

The look:

shirt, vest and cropped cardi - old H&M
tie - old Gap
skirt and texting gloves - H&M
boots - old
hat - Lillie & Cohoe
parka - old Canada Goose
scarf and mitts - old H&M

The tale:

So I changed things up a little (in my wardrobe) yesterday and today:  a different hat (not the usual beret) and a different way of tying a tie.  I am particularly proud of the new look for a tie.  (Although I am sure that many others before me have tied a tie this way, I have never seen anyone, either in the flesh or virtually, do this.)  Yesterday, I was so excited about the tie that I eagerly awaited a comment from my co-workers.  But, to my surprise, as the time for leaving work was fast approaching, no comments had been forthcoming.  With ten or so minutes to go, I was fortunate enough to run into a friend at work, whom I confronted.  "Please," I said.  "You have to say something about the tie."  His reply was, "You have worn a tie before."  "Yes," I said, in exasperation, "but look at how I have tied the tie."  He laughed.  I don't usually look for, and I certainly don't usually solicit, comments on my wardrobe.  But I couldn't help myself yesterday.  I work in a field dominated by men.  Wouldn't they (shouldn't they) find the tie tying a bit, well, strange and noteworthy?

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