Monday, January 30, 2012

Brighten Up The Day Tights

The look:

shirt - old Gap
tie - H&M
jumper dress - Gap
pullover - H&M
beret - old American Apparel
parka - old Canada Goose
scarf - old H&M
gloves - H&M
boots - Fluevog

The tale:

I am not one for wearing Spring/Summer (or even early Autumn) clothing in the dead of Winter, but some San Francisco ladies inspired me to give it a go, particularly since this Winter is turning out to be on the mild side (at least in my home city).  Of course, no matter how mild this Winter may be, it certainly is no where near as mild as a San Francisco Winter, so I had to layer up with a thick pullover sweater and my parka.  I will say, though, that after a week of dressing mostly in black (with some charcoal grey thrown in), it felt good (or, perhaps, I felt good enough) to put on some colour this morning.  However, this evening, when I was trying on some colourful clothing (red plaid, red gingham and navy blue), I was so distressed by the combination that I had to remove said colourful clothing quite quickly and try on a brown outfit to neutralize the said distress.  Had I not done so, all the colourful clothing would have made its way onto the consignment pile, which would have been a shame as all the pieces are quite nice and I am sure that I could come up with some more neutral outfits from all the individual pieces.  From a sociological (psychological? anthropological?) perspective, clothing causing distress was an interesting experience.

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