Friday, January 6, 2012

Log Cabin Bustle Skirt

The look:

blouse - old Urban Renewal
vest - old H&M
open cardi - Gap
skirt - old Bunny and Pear
belt - old UO
beret - old
boots - old LLBean
coat - old H&M
gloves - H&M
bag - Coach
knapsack - Eddie Bauer

The tale:

One of my favourite Winter smells is the smell of a new lambswool sweater.  It makes me feel so good.  Warm, comforted and contented.  The open cardi that I wore today is made of 100 percent lambswool.  It is just one wearing old, so it still has that lovely smell of a new lambswool sweater, giving me that feeling of being coddled.  What a wonderful feeling with which to end the first work week of 2012 and to enter the first full weekend of 2012.

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