Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today, I made an effort to break out of the habit of wearing sweater dresses.  I am not sure how long this is going to last.  The cold continues and the reality is that, at this point, the cold will probably continue until closer to the start of Spring.  Sweater dresses are so comfortable and warm that, with the cold continuing, I will probably return to them sooner or later.  (In fact, I just acquired a new sweater dress today!)  I can only say that I will try to not make them a uniform again.  I will intersperse outfits not involving sweater dresses between outfits consisting of sweater dresses.

I am wearing a vintage flannel shirt restyled by Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters with a silver pin from El Mundo, a vintage Preloved sweater vest, a wool cardigan by Preloved, a BDG. skirt from Urban Outfitters, un-sweatpants by H&M, a vintage Canada Goose expedition parka, a vintage H&M scarf, a vintage Roots hat and vintage H&M mitts.  My socks are old from an off-price store and my boots are by LLBean.

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