Friday, December 24, 2010

Cross Country Skiing

The outfit that I wore today -- the combination of the cardigan, the wool socks and the boots -- makes me feel like I should be on wooden skis, doing some cross country skiing in a time long past.  All I need is a woollen cap, with ear flaps and a pom pom on top, or maybe just a woollen toque with a pom pom on top, a woollen scarf with fringe and woollen gloves or mitts and the look would be complete.  Woosh, woosh -- picture me using my wooden ski poles to propel myself forward through the snow.

Here is a confession:  I may dream about being (safely) marooned in a ski chalet and I may imagine myself cross country skiing on wooden skis in a time long past, but I have never been on skis in my life. And, it would probably be a dangerous thing to put me on skis!  Some things are better left to the imagination.  (Although I don't see why I would have to know anything about skiing to be (safely) marooned in a ski chalet!)

I am wearing a vintage Zara dress, a vintage JCrew cardigan (altered by me), woollen leggings from H&M, old wool work socks from an off-price store and boots by Bogs.

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