Friday, December 10, 2010

Business Plaid

Oh what I can do with plaid flannel shirts!  I had started out wearing a cotton shirt this morning (granted a plaid cotton shirt), but I just had to put on a plaid flannel shirt.  Why?  The sorry "official" excuse was because my arms weren't warm enough in the cotton shirt.  But that was a just a ruse.  I really put on a plaid flannel shirt for no other reason than that it is Winter-y and, to me, that equals plaid flannel shirts (if shirts are to be worn).  That I managed to work a plaid flannel shirt into a "business look" (my kind of "business look" of course) is nothing short of astonishing to me.  This isn't the first time that I have done this, but I am still amazed.  The lengths to which I will go for my love ... of  plaid flannel shirts.

The colour combination that I wore today also astonishes me.  Sometimes, I do the strangest things (for me).  What drove me to wear this particular colour combination?  The boots.  I just had to wear these boots.

Now to the boring stuff:  The suit that I wore today is another of my purchases at the recent One of a Kind Show and Sale.  Even though I am not supposed to be buying the same item in multiple colours, I will confess that I bought this suit in an orange/grey print as well.  Ooooo!  It just occurred to me that I might be able to wear that suit with my black and grey plaid flannel shirt.  There I go again manifesting my love of plaid flannel shirts!

I am wearing a vintage flannel shirt restyled by Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters with a vintage scarf as a bow, a wool suit by Beebop and Wally, a vintage Canada Goose expedition parka, a vintage H&M scarf, a vintage deLux hat and vintage H&M mitts.  My tights are old from Roots and my boots are vintage Fluevog.  


Anonymous said...

Wov! daring again, a dot scarf and plaid sleeves,m but you do manage to pull it off. congrat.

wardrobetales said...

Thank you!