Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adding To The Collection: Layers Upon Layers

The Bean Boots that I wore today were a recent addition to what appears to be a growing collection of Bean Boots.  Other than that they are very practical and super comfortable, I can't really say why I am so smitten with Bean Boots.  But smitten I am.

I did say on Sunday that the first couple of cold work days were going to be tough from a "what to wear" point of view.  And they are turning out to be tough.  All I want is to be warm and comfortable while I wait for my body to acclimate to the newly arrived cold.  So (it appears) I am not caring too much (if at all) about variety in my dress.  Although, it could have been worse:  I could have worn today the exact same thing that I wore yesterday.  I would have been completely okay with that!  And, frankly, I am not sure that anyone (in real life) would have noticed.  I am okay with that too!

Third time out for the shrug!  I knew it would be versatile!  But, sadly, I knew that it wasn't going to be enough to keep me warm outside.  So I had to layer another sweater on top.  Layers upon layers of wool probably best describes my wardrobe in the depths of Winter (not that we are there yet).

I am wearing a vintage flannel shirt restyled by Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters with a vintage silver pin, a sweater jumper dress by Zara, a wool shrug by Paper People Clothing, a wool wrap sweater by H&M, un-sweatpants by Roots, a vintage H&M coat and vintage H&M mitts.  My socks are old by Hue and my boots are by LLBean.

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