Thursday, December 9, 2010

And It's Back!

I know that it is a trap that is easy to fall into: Talking incessantly about weather.  I will try not to fall into this trap.  But I just have to say this:  I woke up this morning to find out that it was a whole four degrees colder this morning than it was yesterday morning.  That's minus nineteen degrees celsius!

After a brief moment of clothing variety yesterday, I am back to no variety.  The shrug is back, as are wearing a flannel shirt and wearing a jumper dress.  On a bright note, I have moved from wearing grey and brown to wearing grey and black!

The jumper dress that I wore today was another of my purchases made at the recent One of Kind Show and Sale.  Now, there really aren't that many more purchases from the Show and Sale to debut:  A couple of suits (one of which might make its debut tomorrow), a cardigan and elbow length mitts.

Today's outfit was the third outfit that I tried on for today.  The other two outfits were okay, but unlike today's outfit, they didn't immediately set off an internal spark of delight.  Today's outfit did that immediately I put it on.  Funny how that is sometimes!

I found out yesterday that a magazine that I had read as a teenager might be making a comeback.  Interesting.  If indeed this comeback comes to pass, I will be curious to see the magazine, purely for nostalgic reasons.

When I put on the parka and hat today, I was reminded of Joel Fleishman from Northern Exposure!

I am wearing a vintage flannel shirt restyled by Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters with a vintage scarf as a bow, a sweater dress by Miss Green Originals, a shrug my Paper People Clothing, un-sweatpants by Roots, a vintage Canada Goose expedition parka, a vintage deLux hat, a vintage H&M scarf and vintage H&M mitts.  My socks are by MacGregor and my boots are vintage Fluevog.

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