Friday, December 31, 2010

Black Swan Dress

Minus the boots, the outfit that I wore today is an "old" outfit; I think that I wore it last about two years ago.  (I remember wearing it on a trip to Chicago, coat, bag and all!  There was also a woollen shawl, which I remember being thankful for, as the city turned out to be cold and windy, living up to its nickname.)  Originally, I had thought about wearing cavalry pants with a wool mock neck, but the rise in temperature would have made that outfit a tad too warm, so I pulled out this old standby (when I wore it, I wore it a lot!).

Because I have been "under the weather" pretty much since after Christmas, I am going to ring in the new year in a very quiet way.  No party dress for me tonight!  Whatever you do to ring in the new year, I hope that you have a happy one and that all your dreams come true!  And thanks so much for stopping by once in a while!

I am wearing a vintage Zara dress with a vintage fleece hooded wrap cardigan, a vintage Gap quilted vest, vintage Lululemon leggings, vintage H&M socks and riding boots by JCrew.  My coat is vintage Gap and my bag is vintage Jacob Connection.

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