Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Won't Be Going For Innovation

I don't get it.  It isn't as if I dress up a lot for work.  Basically, with some exceptions, what I wear to work I could wear on the weekends.  So why have I had such a hard time figuring out what to wear every Saturday morning pretty much since Summer faded away?

This morning was a case in point.  I woke up and tried and tried and tried (and tried) to come up with something to wear.  Eventually, I settled on something, recognizing that it wasn't anything new but not really caring.  I was just happy that I came up with an outfit that wouldn't make me feel like I should never have gotten out of bed.  Then I decided that I would wear the same outfit tomorrow, with some slight modifications. I was rebellious:  "I am not going for innovation this weekend," I declared.

Maybe today marks a turning point in my life!

I am wearing a vintage flannel shirt restyled by Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters, a vintage H&M sweater dress, a vintage H&M sweater vest, un-sweatpants by Roots, a vintage H&M coat, a vintage H&M scarf, a vintage Banana Republic hat and vintage H&M mitts.  My socks are old by MacGregor and my boots are vintage Fluevog.

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