Saturday, December 25, 2010

Itchy And Scratchy

It's funny how, sometimes, what looks to be the most touchable thing turns out to be least comfortable thing next to your skin.  A case in point:  this grey cardigan.  It looks like it would be soft and cuddly.  In actuality, it is itchy and scratchy against the skin.  I won't suffer for fashion, though.  If it weren't for the long sleeve cotton tshirt that I am wearing underneath the cardigan saving me from its itchiness and scratchiness, I wouldn't be wearing the cardigan ... as much as I love it.

The button scarf, on the other hand, is soft against the skin, although I can't say for certain that it looks like it would be that way.  It is also toasty warm ... and cosy.  I have heard it said that if you keep your head and neck covered (i.e., you keep body heat from escaping through your head and neck), you can more easily keep the rest of you warm.  I can attest to the fact that the button scarf is keeping more than just my neck warm.  The wool beret?  I am sure it is helping to keep me warm also.

I am wearing a cardigan by LLBean (Signature) layered over top an old tshirt from Old Navy, a vintage Zara wool jumper dress, a hand knit button scarf (gift), a vintage wool beret, vintage Lululemon leggings, vintage CK wool socks and vintage Fleuvog boots.

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