Monday, August 16, 2010

Nancy Drew

So everyone and their dog has now done a post on the Dear Creatures Fall 2010 collection.  And I too love the collection.  But what I find most intriguing about the collection, and what makes me love it that much more, is something that I haven't seen much mention of: the inspiration behind the collection.  Here is the "concept" of the Fall 2010 collection, quoted straight from the Dear Creatures website:

"Fall 2010 carries on Dear Creatures' panache for all things nostalgic and narrative.  A collection inspired by Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, the clothing reflects curious girls' and guys' instinct for smart and timeless fashion, the same instincts they assign to their crime solving adventures.  Elements of plaid, straight and A-line silhouettes, and clean, precise tailoring are pragmatic but not lacking in the brand's signature whimsy.  A line of utility bags, savvy enough for the most dexterous mission, also makes its debut alongside the consistently charming women's pieces and ever-growing collection of menswear.  Dear Creatures Fall 2010 sparks a fascination with mystery, intrigue, and visual optimism at it's finest."

Among many other books, I grew up reading Nancy Drew, the old books not the new ones, and I still love Nancy Drew, the old books not the new ones.  I definitely consider myself a "vintage young reader" lover.  So this Dear Creatures collection, inspired by something that I love so dearly, and rendering Nancy Drew so closely to my own rendition of her, strikes a particular chord in my heart!

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