Saturday, August 14, 2010

Too Busy To Think About Clothes

I am in major organization mode.  What put me into this mode was the realization that I had as many clothes lying around my house outside my closets and wardrobes and chests of drawers as I had in my closets, wardrobes and chests of drawers.  While I (obviously) like clothes, and I don't necessarily have to have them hidden away, I do like them to be "neatly displayed" if they aren't stowed away, and I do like them to be organized and easy to find if they are stowed away.  So I am presently busy stowing away certain clothes, making those that are "on display" neat and tidy and organizing all stowed away clothes.  Some paring down of my wardrobe is also happening.

Because I was so busy tending to clothes that I wasn't wearing today, I didn't find any time to think about the clothes that I did wear today.  All I can think to say about today's outfit is that it was very comfortable and I liked it.

vest: American Apparel
shirt: Urban Outfitters
jeans: H&M
belt: Gap, from my closet
socks: ?, from my sock drawer
boots: Frye
bag: H&M

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