Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nothing Ever Happens

The goodies that I had wanted to arrive last week arrived yesterday.  Yay!  Of course I tried everything on immediately.  I hope to wear each and every piece over the next week or so.

I have to say that I was bang on about that lime green plaid dress that I thought I had missed out on but (luckily) didn't.  It is uber adorable.  And it goes so well with a pair of Fluevogs that have been resting in my closet for too many years now.  It's almost as if they have just been waiting for this dress to come along.  Now that it has, they can come out and rejoice!

I have been offered the services of a personal clothing shopper on at least a couple of occasions (is someone trying to tell me something), but I have always scoffed at the idea.  Why on earth would I give up the pleasure of shopping for clothes?  And, while I don't profess to have the greatest or most unique sense of style in the world, who would truly want to understand that style sufficiently enough to be able to shop for me?  Well now I can say that if I was ever to consider retaining someone to clothing shop for me, I think I know who I would ask.  Of course that would never really happen ... .

When I got home this evening, a surprise was waiting: another package.  While I was expecting the package, I was NOT expecting it to arrive so soon.  This package contained non-clothing items (although clothing-related items).  And I was as excited about their arrival as I was about the arrival of the goodies that came yesterday.  Each item was immediately removed from the box and examined.  I can't wait to savour each and every one over the months and years to come!

One last thing:  I visited the Fluevog store after work today.  I went to see if a pair of shoes (that were on the Fluevog website) had arrived in the store yet.  Sad news: they hadn't.  But, boy, did I get an eyeful!  I love the Fluevogers at my Fluevog store.  Thanks so much for whetting my appetite!  I love you guys!

On the pocket of the dress that I wore today, there is a print of a tree.  Beneath the tree, there are printed the following words: "nothing ever happens".  Don't those words seem apt today?

jacket: Gap, from my closet
blouse: Gap, from my closet
dress: Susan Harris Design, from my closet
socks: Hue, from Macys
boots: Fluevog
bag: H&M

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